Michael Brandon Samra

17 May 2019 :

Michael Brandon Samra, 41, White, was executed in Alabama on 16 May 2019. Samra was convicted of capital murder and was sentenced to death in 1998 for his role in the March 23, 1997 killings of Randy Duke, his fiancée, Dedra Mims Hunt, and her two daughters, 6-year-old Chelisa Nicole Hunt and 7-year-old Chelsea Marie Hunt. Randy Duke was the father of Samra's friend and co-defendant, 16-year-old Mark Duke. The adults were shot to death, but court records state Mark Duke and Samra, then 19, slit the girls' throats with kitchen knives after they ran out of bullets. According to court records, Mark Duke planned the murders after he got into a fight with his father over using a pickup truck. Mark Duke was also convicted and sentenced to death, but that sentence was later changed to life in prison without the possibility of parole because of Mark Duke's age at the time of the crime.
Samra becomes the 2nd person executed this year in Alabama, the 65th since Alabama resumed executions in 1983, the 6th person executed this year in the US, and the 1,496th person executed in the United States since 1977.


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