14 March 2020 :

A Kabul appeals court on 8 March 2020 sentenced four men to death for the kidnapping and killing an eleven-year-old boy.
The prosecutor in charge said that these men kidnapped Naqibullah, an eleven-year-old boy, in the Surkh Rod district of Nangarhar province about two-and-a-half-years ago and killed him days later.
It occurred in the Khushki village of Surkh Rod district.
The boy's family says the kidnappers had demanded five million Pakistani rupees in exchange for Naqibullah's release.
“The kidnappers received the money from me on the 27th day of Ramazan, but they killed my son and buried his body in a garden,” said Zalgai, the victim's father.
Prosecutors say the men have confessed to other crimes in the investigation also.
“The kidnappers confessed the kidnapping of Naqibullah and Aminullah, another resident of Nangarhar city,” said Saifullah Omare, prosecutor.
These men were sentenced to thirty years in prison by the Nangarhar court, but the Kabul appeals court sentenced the men to death.
“Attiqullah son of Shahzad, Naeem son of Rahimullah, Adam Khan son of Naeem and Samiullah son of Amam Jan, based on the country's criminal code, are sentenced to death,” said Merajuddin Meraj, head of the Kabul appeals court.
The Naqibullah family called on the authorities to enforce the sentence.


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