24 June 2005 :

At least 5,530 executions were carried out in 26 states in 2004. 
China: at least 5,000 (but approximately 10,000 according to National People’s Congress representative Chen Zhonglin)
Iran: at least 197 executions
Vietnam: at least 82
North Korea: exact number unknown, but estimated to amount to scores of people
United States: 59
Uzbekistan: at least 50
Saudi Arabia: at least 38
Pakistan: at least 29 (8 of which ordered by tribal juries)
Bangladesh: at least 13
Kuwait: at least 9
Uganda: 7
Egypt: at least 6
Singapore: at least 6
Yemen: at least 6
Belarus: at least 5
Tajikistan: at least 4
Indonesia: 3
Lebanon: 3
Taiwan*: 3 
Japan: 2 
Afghanistan: 1
Jordan: 1
India: 1
There is no official or other information, but an unclear number of executions took place in 2004 in Syria (at least 2), Sudan (at least 2) and Somalia (at least 1) according to Amnesty International.
Source: Hands Off Cain 
In bold: liberal democracies1 (4) that carried out executions (65)
In italics: the countries that had not carried out any executions in 2003
*Non-UN member states 

1 The classification “liberal democracy” is based on the analytic standards employed by Freedom House in its Freedom in the World 2005 report on the state of political rights and civil liberties around the world (see www.freedomhouse.org)