executions in the world:

In 2024


2000 to present



  • Abolitionist
  • retentionist
  • De facto abolitionist
  • Moratorium on executions
  • Abolitionist for ordinary crimes
  • Committed to abolishing the death penalty


government: semi-presidential republic
state of civil and political rights: Not free
constitution: 10 March 1987, with substantial revisions in June 2012; amended many times, last in 2012
legal system: civil law system strongly influenced by Napoleonic Code; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction
legislative system: bicameral legislature (le Corps legislatif ou le Parlement) consists of le Sénat de la République (Senate) and la Chambre des députés (Chamber of Deputies)
judicial system: Supreme Court or Cour de cassation (currently 11 of 12 judges as prescribed by the constitution, 8 of whom were appointed in March 2023); Courts of Appeal; Courts of First Instance; magistrate's courts; land, labor, and children's courts
religion: Catholic 55%, Protestant 29%, Vodou 2.1%, other 4.6%, none 10% (2018 est.)
death row:
year of last executions: 0-0-0
death sentences: 0
executions: 0
international treaties on human rights and the death penalty:



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