executions in the world:

In 2024


2000 to present



  • Abolitionist
  • retentionist
  • De facto abolitionist
  • Moratorium on executions
  • Abolitionist for ordinary crimes
  • Committed to abolishing the death penalty


government: parliamentary; self-governing territory
state of civil and political rights:
constitution: 8 June 1968; amended 1989 and 2003
legal system: based on English common law
legislative system: bicameral Parliament consists of the Senate and the House of Assembly
judicial system: Supreme Court; Court of Appeal; Magistrate Courts
religion: Anglican 23%, Roman Catholic 15%, other Protestant 18%, other
death row:
year of last executions: 0-0-0
death sentences:
executions: 0
international treaties on human rights and the death penalty:



South America