14 Maggio 2020 :

The Ugandan Supreme Court has confirmed the death sentence of four people from Kamuli District, who are accused of disarming Police and lynched to death four people suspected of poisoning Paul Kigoli, Pml Daily reported on 12 May 2020.
The State alleged that on the morning of 19 October 2000 the body of Paul Kigoli was found by the roadside, near the home of one Eseza Namusobya, a local potent gin seller.
In the previous evening, late Kigoli had been drinking in the company of Mawulira Fred, Mubezi Moses and Swaga David and when the death of Paul Kigoli was reported to the Local authoroties, Namusobya was arrested alongside Mawulira, Mubezi and Swaga as suspects and locked them up in the cells at Gadumire Local Administration Police Post.
However, Kyabire Patrick, Abdu Mpiira, Maganda David and Kabuze Moses led a mob of angry residents who raided the Police post, overpowered the officers on duty and forcefully removed the four suspected from the cells.
They then took Namusobya to her hut, locked her inside, set it ablaze from outside and burnt her to ashes. After that, they hucked each of the other three suspects to death and burnt their bodies as well.
After the attacks, Kyabire, Mpiira, Maganda and Kabuze were arrested and charged with four counts of murder; and on 24 June 2002 were sentenced to death by the High Court in Jinja.
They then appealed to the Court of Appeal reasoning that the sentence was harsh and excessive but their appeal was dismissed and now 5 Justices of the Supreme court led by Justice Dr. Esther Kisaakye have also dismissed their claim that the offence was committed by way of mob justice.


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