29 January 2008 :

in Qatar, a Doha appeal court upheld the death penalty against a man, who was convicted by a first instance court of "premeditated murder," legal sources said.
The lower court convicted the 48 year old Qatari national on June 6, 2006, and sentenced him to death after the sons of the victim refused to accept blood money as compensation. According to the charge sheet, the accused murdered his compatriot colleague following a row on September 20, 2005. "The accused rammed the victim with his car after a drunken brawl over a Bahraini woman who was present in a party at a house," the prosecution said.
The lawyer of the defendant argued that the witnesses were all drunk at the time of the incident and hence their testimonies could not be believed. But the court rejected his argument. The case will automatically be referred to the Supreme Court of Justice.

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