21 March 2023 :

Xu Guoli, who killed his wife in 2020, was executed on 21 March 2023 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, after the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court approved his death sentence, which was handed down in July 2021.
The court turned down Xu's appeal. He had confessed in court that he killed his sleeping wife on July 5, 2020, because of "family conflicts".
The death penalty verdict was submitted to the Supreme People's Court for re-examination and approval.
The verdict said that Xu was "extremely vicious and ruthless" in the premeditated homicide and had fabricated false information to cover up his crime, which was extremely harmful to society.
Late on July 4, 2020, Xu put sleeping pills in his wife's milk and later smothered her with a pillow. He then dismembered her body and discarded the remains around the residential community where the couple lived.
According to the Hangzhou court, Xu was allowed to meet his relatives before he was executed.


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