Accused being taken to jail

03 October 2023 :

A court in Rajbari on September 27, 2023 sentenced three people to death in the murder case of fourth-grade student Rifad, 12, after abduction in the district. Besides, each has been fined Tk 20,000.
Judge Sabbir Faiz of the Rajbari Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal handed over the verdict at around 11:30 am on September 27. The accused were present in the court when the verdict was announced.
The convicts are – Ranjan alias Raktim, son of Ranjit Kumar of Rajbari’s TNT Para, Russell, son of Dulal of Sajjankanda and Roni, son of Abdul Malek of Char Narayanpur.
According to the case details, on November 6, 2013, on the way back from school, the accused abducted the child Rifad, son of Moktar Mandal, a resident of the Sajjankanda area. Then a ransom of Tk 15 lakh was demanded. Without getting the ransom, they hid Rifad’s body in a septic tank of Bhairab ​​Sheel in the Sajjankanda area after suffocating him by wrapping a towel around his neck.
In this incident, the police arrested the accused based on the phone number and as per the information given by them, the body of the child Rifad was recovered on November 9 that year.
Later, a case was filed against seven to eight unknown persons in the incident, naming Ranjan Kumar Sarkar as the main accused. A charge sheet was submitted against three people in the court for their involvement in the incident. The court gave this verdict after the testimony.
“We got justice. We are satisfied with the verdict,” said acting Public Prosecutor (PP) Sheikh Saiful Haque of the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal.


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