IRAN -Labor activist Sharifeh Mohammadi

08 July 2024 :

According to media reports, Sharifeh Mohammadi, a political prisoner and labor activist from the “Free Union of Iranian Workers” in Lakan Prison in Rasht, has been unjustly accused of “bagh-ye” (rebellion) by Judge Ahmad Darvish-Goftar in the revolutionary court of Rasht. This fabricated charge carries the death penalty under the regime’s religious laws.
Sharifeh Mohammadi has endured prolonged physical and psychological torture by the Ministry of Intelligence to force a confession. She has also been deprived of visits from her family and child.
The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran calls for international condemnation of death sentences issued by the regime’s judiciary, particularly those against women in the misogynistic clerical regime. It urges human rights and women’s rights advocates, especially the Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran and the Rapporteur on violence against women, to take immediate action for the release of Sharifeh Mohammadi.


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